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Video Surveillance Security - Keeping Pace with Technology

    The electronic security industry is a growing and increasingly complex sector. As a result, the skills required by security technicians installing these systems need to constantly evolve to keep pace with technology. Security systems can protect confidential business data, track unauthorised access to business-relate...

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Don't Put off purchasing that CCTV Security & Alarm System - Asset Write-off boosted to $30,000!

Have you been putting off investing in a CCTV Security & Alarm System due to the cost?  Protecting your business from both external and internal security threats is vital. From burglary and vandalism through to employee theft; having a reliable business security system in place is key to ensuring safe business operations. Sma...

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With so much choice out there, making a decision on the right Security System can be both difficult and overwhelming; especially if you are uncertain about your security needs. By getting to understand what your needs are and becoming informed about the right CCTV camera system product options, will make that decision a whole lot easier. ...

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Tips to Improve Your Home Security

Everyone wants to feel safe and protected at home, but home security can seem complicated for both home and business owners. To help you prepare for a move or secure your current home or business, we have addressed a few commonly asked questions about home security. What are the best places to place indoor cameras throughout your home? ...

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Home Automation

Home automation devices can be activated using a range of different interfaces. These include touch screens, panic buttons, TV screens, keypads, hand-held remotes, computers or mobile phones. Some of the devices or appliances that can be automated include:
Computers Audio and video entertainment systems Telephone and intercom...

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