Home & Business Alarm Systems

Are you concerned about the safety of your home or business?

Wireless and hassle-free, the Hik Vision AX PRO alarm system provides the perfect combination of efficiency and reliability.

With AX PRO, home or business owners have the ability to verify alarms by viewing video clips or images in real-time.

  • Wireless PIRCAM Detector Takes care of both indoor intrusion alarms Alerting you even before the intruders realise that they're exposed.
  • Providing a better image and more precise detection for outdoor security, filtering false alarms.

    Along with instant visual verification for all-around intrusion protection, the AX PRO will keep an eye on every corner of your property, indoors and outdoors, including early warning of smoke and fire, water, or gas leaks. The sleek, modern design will suit your home or office environment.

    SGV Electrical & Security has an extensive range of access control system products, tailored to suit every application, from your domestic wireless keypad that opens your gate to the integrated card reader system for high-rise buildings. Providing professional installation and maintenance of access control systems for residential and commercial properties around the Gold Coast and Brisbane.
    • Curtain Detector  - Includes excellent detection range and technology, providing you with protection around your windows and doors.
    • Magnetic Detector - Versatile and easily configurable to suit specific needs and detect the status of windows, doors etc
    • Environment Detector -  Built-in sensors, protecting your home or business 24/7 and sending early warnings of water leaks, smoke and sharp jumps in temperature to reduce potential damage.
    • Glass Break Detector - Protecting your windows and immediately alerting you of any intrusions around your windows.
    • Panic Button - Discreet and portable, raise an alarm with minimal fuss
    • Sounder - Both the internal and external sounder offer up to 110 dB alarm volume
    The AX PRO system is the perfect choice for families with pets. Designed to only detect human intrusion and not be triggered by your pets.

    AX PRO Packages

    $1064.48 + GST
    $1581.00 + GST

    Conducting an on-site security Audit will:

    • Determine areas of concern for your home or business, and the most likely entry points for any potential intruder
    • Allow an accurate quote for the installation of your perimeter alarm system
    • Provide the most appropriate recommendation for a security system for your property
    • If you have experienced a recent break-in, recommending the most effective way to secure the entry point

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