Why Does My Smoke Alarm Keep Going off!

Written on the 23 September 2021 by Kerri Vandenberg

Why Does My Smoke Alarm Keep Going off!

Smoke detectors are one of your first defences to stay safe from fire and reduce damage. When properly installed and maintained, they can alert you to trouble at the first whiff of smoke and reduce the risk of death by half.  

From 1 January 2022, landlords must install interconnected smoke alarms in residential rental properties. When one goes off, they all go off, giving everyone extra time to escape. All other dwellings must transition to full compliance by 2027.

Don’t leave it to the last minute. You could save a life.

It is not uncommon for your smoke alarm to start beeping for no particular reason. When the smoke alarm sounds without any smoke or fire present then this means that there is an issue with the detector. This can occur due to a number of factors;

Below are some of the main reasons why the smoke alarm going off randomly might be happening:

Low Battery

The battery of the smoke detector should be changed with a new one every 6 months. It is highly recommended to do this to ensure that the smoke detector is operating properly and can alert of a house fire. Sometimes the battery may be defective which is why it also may be causing the smoke alarm to go off when it should not be. 


The place where the smoke alarm is installed can influence if it goes off when it should not be. This means when installing the smoke detector too close to the kitchen or bathroom areas. The smoke alarm detects smoke or similar gases and air particles to cause the system to sound. The steam from the hot shower to the food cooking on the stove can easily cause the alarm to chirp.

Volatile Organic Compounds

Volatile organic compounds can be found in paint and other types of chemical treatments and can lead to the smoke alarm to beep. These can sometimes interfere with the smoke detector and can cause the alarm to ring when it should not be.


When smoke detectors beep with no real reason it may be due to an obstruction inside of the alarm. This can range from the pull tab on the battery which can stop the detector from properly running. Other objects that could be causing the alarm to sound could be debris or insects that block the battery or parts. Checking to see if there are any objects inside the smoke alarm can help determine if that is causing the beeping to occur. 

Battery Life

Sometimes the main reason why the smoke alarm sounds is that it is at the end of its lifetime. Most domestic smoke alarms have a lifespan of 10 years and will often need replacing after the 10 years have passed. The smoke alarm going off often indicates the system telling that it needs to be replaced. This sound is often different from the regular smoke alarm ring and it is important to replace the system as soon as possible. 


A dirty smoke detector can cause the system to beep as it can disrupt the internal sensors. Dirt or debris outside the smoke detector can also disrupt the detector and external sensors. Cleaning the outside and inside of the smoke detector regularly can help avoid this issue. If the area that the smoke alarm is located in is prone to dust or moisture then relocating the alarm might be needed.

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Author:Kerri Vandenberg

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