SGV Electrical & Security are happy to offer finance options for commercial customers that qualify through our partner NER Finance; acquiring a Security System/Access Control System on a finance basis can make good business sense (ask any accountant).

Here are a few of the reasons why you may want to consider acquiring your Security system on finance...

Opportunity Cost
Sinking your capital into ultimately depreciating assets isn't a great way to make that cash work for you. Finance lets you keep the cash so you can utilise it where it can make a difference. With cash, ultimately you pay upfront and in full for investments which only return value over time. Why not simply spread your costs in line with your return?

Low, fixed costs
With rates fixed throughout the term, budgeting and planning are made simple. Spread the cost. GST is paid in instalments rather than a lump sum upfront.

Lifecycle Management
Never again face spikey capital investment requirements, often when you have not budgeted for them. Spreading the costs lets you plan for the future, avoid equipment redundancy and take control of future investments.

360 Degree Solutions
Many new customers don't realise that we can wrap all your project costs into one finance package and cover all your expenditure including non-asset based elements such as labour, maintenance and other associated fees.

Why Choose our Finance Package?
Our finance company is modelled around providing unparalleled quality to you, the customer, and delivering excellence in everything they do. Here is why so many choose to progress with our finance package.

Competitive Rates
We secure the very best terms for every project we handle and make sure you get the best deal out there. And you can choose your own terms - 24, 36, 48 or 60 months.

Size Doesn't Matter
We happily fund projects from $2,000 + GST upwards.

Speedy Decisions
Unlike traditional banks, NER Finance can offer same day approval.

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