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Home Office - Keeping it Electrically Safe

With more people working from home due to COVID-19 restrictions, electrical safety in the home office is of paramount importance. According to an alert from the Queensland Electrical Safety Office, home-based offices are considered a workplace under work health and safety laws. This means it is important for workers and employers to work to...

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Scheduled Maintenance

    Over time, electrical systems age, undergoing wear and tear just like your office building, appliances, and equipment. For this and other reasons, it's crucial for every business site to have a well-planned electrical maintenance schedule in place. With this in mind, we explore some of the vital reasons you should es...

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Lowering the Cost of your Energy Bill

By taking small steps to reduce electricity usage in your home, you could save yourself a surprising amount of money.
In ensuring your electrical system is energy efficient, this is a good start to reducing your power bills. SGV Electrical have compiled a list of simple steps to take, to ensure your home is the most efficient it can...

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CCTV - More than just Security

Security and safety are important to us all. As a homeowner or business owner, you want to know that your property and family/staff will be safe, whether you are there or heading home at the end of the day. CCTV is more than just security. CCTV - It's insurance
Every home or business owner is worried about losing their belongings...

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Video Surveillance Security - Keeping Pace with Technology

    The electronic security industry is a growing and increasingly complex sector. As a result, the skills required by security technicians installing these systems need to constantly evolve to keep pace with technology. Security systems can protect confidential business data, track unauthorised access to business-relate...

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