Security Systems for Property Management & Strata

Ensuring security in community schemes can be a balancing act.

On one hand, it must balance the privacy of owners and occupiers, and ensure their rights are not impinged upon.  On the other, it must balance the safety and security of these owners and occupiers, and their possessions and residences.  And the point where they intersect is in relation to the use of common property facilities and areas.

As a Property Manager or Residential Strata Manager, you are responsible for the security of common property. This includes:
  • Foyer and Lobby
  • Carpark
  • Pool Gates
  • Garages & Sheds
  • Rubbish area
  • BBQ Areas
  • and all Common areas
What are the benefits of having a Quality Security System in Place?
  • Reduce theft and vandalism in carparks/garages with the knowledge of access being recorded along with an audit trail
  • Stop unauthorised access out of hours
  • Reduce your level of break and enters with a higher level of Access Controlled card management
  • Provide an Audit Trail of evidence for your Committee as required
  • Reduce your WHS claims by restricting access to areas that may include construction zones or areas that are at risk of slips, trips, falls, breaks, threats and intrusion whilst providing an Audit Trail
  • Integrate Remove Access with a CCTV Security Camera System, allowing you to keep an eye on your premises anywhere, anytime.
  • Comply with legal and regulatory obligations in specific industries
  • Monitor staff on site providing you with ways to improve productivity and ways to improve safety, therefore making a more efficient and safer workplace for all

Body Corpoate Gate & Road Surveillance FROM $2200

  • Connect to Existing Lighting Poles
  • Wi-Fi Connected to Office so No Wiring Required
  • Number Plate recognition cameras - gate Controlled
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