Security Systems for Hospitality

Working with the public can be both a rewarding and profitable experience.  However, it always raises questions of security and safety you simply do not know who is entering your establishment and what will occur when they do. You need to be able to ensure you are protecting your business, your staff and your customers.

The Hospitality Industry face a large range of security challenges daily, such as a high employee turnover rates, a constantly changing customer base, theft, and more. Hospitality establishments make up the largest segment of the retail industry and because of this, they run a greater risk of crime and loss.

A smartly installed Security System Solution has many benefits, including:

  • Secure Your Business. Being able to monitor movements in and out of your premises, assists in guaranteeing the safety and wellbeing of your patrons.
  • Preventing Employee theft of product. There are countless creative ways this occurs, and having a CCTV Security Camera System in place, will not only deter theft but allow you to correct the problem. Employees are less likely to steal with CCTV Camera Systems in place and you are more likely to catch them
  • Restaurants / Bars / Cafés are a target of false injury claims because they are busy and setting the scene with spills is easy.  A CCTV Security Camera System will cover areas of vulnerability and help defray liability costs
  • Customer Disputes/Fights. Fights are common in crowded restaurants / bars / cafes; especially ones with bars. A CCTV Security Camera System can help reduce fights/Disputes, and in the event of violence, help police identify the responsible parties.
  • Boost productivity. Studies show that security cameras in the workplace can help boost productivity significantly. Your staff deserve the peace of mind and assurance that they are safe in your establishment. This in turn translates into efficiency and increased productivity. Not only does it motivate employees, management can spend less time monitoring them.

SGV Electrical & Security can assist with providing you with our expert advice on your specific Business Security Plan, which includes a security risk assessment and implementation measures to protect your Business. 


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