Lowering the Cost of your Energy Bill

Written on the 30 July 2019 by Kerri Vandenberg

Lowering the Cost of your Energy Bill

By taking small steps to reduce electricity usage in your home, you could save yourself a surprising amount of money.

In ensuring your electrical system is energy efficient, this is a good start to reducing your power bills. SGV Electrical have compiled a list of simple steps to take, to ensure your home is the most efficient it can be.

Get informed

Electricity bills from different electricity retailers all look a little bit different, but they all contain the same information. Understanding your electricity bill will help you reduce the amount of electricity your household uses and choose an electricity plan that offers a cheaper electricity consumption price. Compare electricity and gas retailers in your area, and decide whether time-of-use pricing, off-peak hot water, and smart meters are for you.

Identifying energy hot spots around the home

To reduce your electricity and gas bills it helps to know about the major sources of household energy consumption and where your household fits in.

The major sources of energy use around the typical Australian home are spread across heating water, heating and cooling and refrigeration and other electrical appliances. Standby power, lighting and cooking make up most of the rest of your household energy bill. Growing sources of energy use around the home include air conditioning, entertainment systems, computers, pools and spas, and outdoor lighting. Appliances can be responsible for a lot of the energy consumption in your home.  Always choose and use energy-efficient appliances. When shopping for appliances, look for the Energy Rating label, with the star rating indicating energy efficiency.

Water heating and laundry

  • Ensure your electric hot water is on a controlled load (off-peak) tariff
  • Use cold water for laundry
  • Wash full loads in the dishwasher or washing machine
  • Avoid using the dryer where possible

Air conditioning and heating

  • Adjust your air conditioner up by 1 or 2 degrees
  • Up to 40% of the heat in your home could be leaking out of your windows. Close all the doors, windows, curtains and blinds in the room while using the air conditioner or heater
  • In winter open curtains to let the sun in and close curtains before it gets dark to keep the heat in especially while your heater is on. In summer, close curtains during the hottest part of the day. At night you can open curtains and windows to let warm air out and cool breezes in.
  • Ensure your home is properly insulated


  • Choose more energy efficient appliances when shopping
  • Limit the time the fridge door is open (especially if you have children!


  • Turn off lights when nobody is in the room
  • Install energy efficient LED Lightbulbs

TV and entertainment

  • Switch off the TV and other entertainment appliances at the wall when nobody is using them
  • Standby is still using power
  • Turn everything off at the wall, appliances use power even when not in use
  • Turn off phone chargers, tablet chargers and gaming consoles, as these also use standby power

Avoiding the peak: stop your bills climbing

Under some contracts, energy can cost you less if you use it outside the peak timesusually after 10pm through till 7am. For some households this can be an effective way to reduce energy bills. To take advantage of reduced tariffs or costs you need to have access to off-peak hot water or time-of-use-pricing. Lowering your energy usage and considering off-peak options (i.e. time-of-use tariffs) are 2 of the cheapest and easiest ways to reduce your electricity bill.

Lowering your usage also reduces pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and the need for further infrastructure development.

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Author:Kerri Vandenberg

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